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Snoop’s a new kind of app, designed to save you money. Snoop connects to your bank accounts and credit cards, showing you how to save money at the places you already spend.

Meet your new robot friend...

Smart, honest - and ridiculously loyal - Snoop is programmed to search for clever ways to help you spend, save and live smarter.

Snoop works for you and you only. Not big business. And certainly not us. (That would be evil.)

What does Snoop do?

You don’t have time to check how you’re spending your money every 5 minutes. But Snoop does. Snoop does it all day and is brilliant at it. Just connect any current accounts and credit cards to our app and let Snoop get to work.

That gas supplier you’ve used for donkey’s years who’s been bumping up charges? Their number’s up.

What about that TV subscription you’ve been paying for that you could get for less? Outrageous. Snoop will have it for breakfast.

Snoop learns new tricks all the time too, passing them on to anyone who can use them. That brilliant new app you really should be using? Snoop’s got it covered.

Plus, Snoop shows all your money in one place - so you're always in control.

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How does Snoop work?

Snoop’s a new kind of fintech app, powered by Open Banking. 

Open Banking is a super-secure technology that allows Snoop to connect to your bank accounts and credit cards, without ever needing to see your login details. 

Once you’re connected, Snoop can be your all-in-one banking, budgeting and personal finance app, and show you how to save money at the places you already spend. You’ll never want to use your other banking and money apps again.

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Snoop’s not the only one with smarts. We love how communities help each other out. So if you have tips to share, Snoop will pass those on too. We think that’s the way the world should work.

Snoop’s a social soul.
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    Amazon made me smile...

    Hey everyone, the next time you shop at Amazon - go to They’ll donate to a charity you choose every time you spend - and it won’t cost you a penny.

  • #Entertainment
    Save money on your mobile bill

    I’ve just found this great new app called Airtime Rewards. You connect your bank cards to it - and then every time you spend, you get credit on your mobile. Definitely worth checking out.

  • The Times
  • Sky News
  • Fintech Futures
  • City AM
  • Finextra
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We believe that together we can help everyone win when it comes to their money. That belief has now been turned into something useful - Snoop, a loyal little robot with a big heart. We know because we put it there.

So, get Snooping. And start saving.

How does Snoop make money?

Like all businesses we need to make money. We do that in three ways.

First, we’d love you to ‘tip’ Snoop when you make a big money saving through the App. How much is up to you. 👍

Second, when you move to a new product or service provider off the back of one of Snoop’s suggestions, they may pay us. We’ll make sure you know when this happens. This never influences Snoop’s view of what’s best for you – and has zero impact on what Snoop suggests.

Third, we help other businesses spot current consumer trends by pooling and anonymising all the transaction data we hold. Rest assured, your personal data will NEVER be used in a way that means you, any other individual or their data can be identified. 

These three things fund the team and the tech, so we can keep building and improving Snoop.

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