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Snooper Stories | Helen Darby
Intro post

Helen Darby uses Snoop to help with short and medium term financial planning

I’m 34, live in Doncaster and work 4 days a week in education. I’m married and have been for just over 3 years. Snoop helps us manage our finances and set goals and targets for short and medium term plans.  

We have a mortgage and  our priority is to pay it off as soon as feasible to avoid excessive interest. The main reason I downloaded Snoop and started using it in August 2020 was to help me budget, manage my regular payments and see where/which categories I’m spending my money in. For me, the best thing that’s helped me save money is the Snoops which alert me to voucher codes/deals/promotions - they’re all in one place and I’ve often saved £15+ on regular treats/shopping. It’s a great saving and has made my money go further without having to cut back. 

The features I look at most regularly are the Payment Hubs (I can clearly see what’s coming out of my account on a monthly basis and whether or not the payment had increased /decreased from the previous month) I also find it useful to see when my mobile and broadband contracts end to remind me to search for a better deal when the time comes. Snoop helps me plan ahead and for day-to-day expenses.

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Article Author Image - Helen
Snooper Stories | Helen Darby
January Post

Did somebody say, “just save on a takeaway”?

Helen’s treats haven’t gone away, they just costing less. And she’s decided she’s going pay herself first in 2021.

This has been a January like no other that I can remember but I’m still determined to begin working on my 2021 financial goals.

With Snoop’s help the stress of money saving is taken away because my Snoops are personalised to my spending/savings habits. I ‘pin’ my most useful Snoops to make them even quicker to find.

One thing Snoop has helped me with this month is a ‘dormant’ direct debit subscription I’d forgotten to cancel. I noticed it instantly in my transactions. After a quick check, I could see the mysterious £10.21 was for a brand of luxury teabags. Not such a luxury if you forget to cancel them (which I did) but with Snoop I spotted it straight away and there’ll be no other unexpected expenses.

Friday night is takeaway night for us - I’ve used my Snoops for VoucherCodes to help cut the price of a weekly takeaway treat. Codes for 30% or 35% have saved me over £17 on one order. As we’d be ordering it anyway, a simple check of Snoop for a code has been a quick way to save!

Saving is not something I usually associated with January. This year, however, my goal is to have a ‘pay myself first attitude’. This doesn’t mean ignoring bills and incurring debt! It means moving money into my savings account the day I get paid.

Snoop helps me see how much I’ve saved for my short/medium term goals. Because all my accounts are linked to Snoop, I can see where I’m meeting my goals.

In my short term savings, I can build up a set amount each month to pay for planned expenses later in the year e.g. insurance. It’s a small effort now, which will benefit my finances throughout the year. I’ve even renamed the account - which I’d encourage everyone to do - to help me focus on why I’m saving! I know this will motivate me to keep doing it if my initial enthusiasm wears off. 

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