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Snooper Stories | James Fish
Intro post

James Fish is a Junior Doctor using Snoop to rein in spending after the rapid expansion of his family

I have three children under three after my twins were born in October 2020. Life is as hectic as you can imagine. I finally own a house after more than ten rentals. A joint mortgage with my wife at a good rate is costing us less than our rent did. I’ve been using Snoop for a couple of months now to try and rein in my spending after the rapid expansion of our family.

Snoop is a great app for this and has been a real help to us. The three best features I’ve found so far are.

1. The connectivity with my credit and debit accounts. I’ve used similar apps that couldn’t access some accounts. I can now get blow by blow updates rather than forget about large credit card bills until items too late to put the brakes on my spending.

2. The recommendation of best savings rates so I can always keep money in the most productive place.

3. Advice on current account switching. I’ve made £125 by moving to NatWest and over £200 by changing my credit card.

My most used feature is the weekly spending report which motivates and encourages me in my current spending. Good use of Psychology.

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Article Author Image - James
Snooper Stories | James Fish
January Post

Useful Snoops have given me a better outlook for February

The ghost of Christmas past has come back to haunt me in the form of a depressingly high January credit card bill. I am now regretting the extravagance of Tiny Tim's goose. Even with a couple of extra shifts my overdraft was in use two weeks before payday. Snoop won't hand me money for nothing (useful app update?) however I have found a couple of useful Snoops which have improved my outlook for February.

My home insurance is due, joy of joys. The complexities of this onerous task have, however, been elucidated by a recent Snoop. Auto-renew? No. Get a quote three weeks before renewal for the best possible price? Yes. After experimenting with the level of excess I've struck a balance between what I can afford now and what I could afford if I needed to use the policy. Using a cashback site to do the comparisons I should get £24 back (not-guaranteed and in many months time though).

With some ethical dissonance I still use Amazon. One of the main drivers has always been price. Recently I have been surprised to find lower prices on competitors sites and a Snoop about CamelCamelCamel was revelatory; Amazon prices fluctuate a lot. When I needed some exciting new work shoes I searched for the ones I bought last year. They had increased in price but by using another feature of the site (the 'Amazon price drop') I found a much better deal on a similar pair. I did a quick search of competitors and Amazon was the cheapest; saving £20.

With five days left until payday I may be in the red but with only £5 in regular payments left there is light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe with some sensible planning and saving this year (along with Snoop's help) Tiny Tim can have his goose and I can avoid the spectre of financial ruin.

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