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Tales of Robot Hood | Stacey Dawson
Intro post

Stacey is a paediatric nurse using Snoop to save money and find greener ways to spend

I’ve been using Snoop since around April 2020. I came across the App while researching financial apps with a friend. My friend and I are hugely competitive and we like all things finance, the type of people that enjoy a good spreadsheet session. Anyway, upon researching I discovered Snoop. Excited at the prospect that I may save more money than my friend, I eagerly downloaded it with the aim to use the app for a few months then boastfully share the app and wait for the round of applause.

As it turned out, my use of the app was different from what I anticipated - in a good way! I found that I started logging into the app each day as part of my daily check-in on my finances. I don't tend to look at my transactions but like to browse through all the daily Snoops. I found it had a great variety of money saving opportunities and knowledge boosts across a whole range of things. I found myself looking for local flights, to sourcing local products or just telling me about things that I may not be aware of - like I had no idea I could watch my Amazon Prime through my Sky Q! 

As a family we are very much ‘eco-warriors’ and try where we can to source local produce, reduce waste and help the planet. Also, we like to give back to those less fortunate. I’ve found it is like Snoop shares the same views, or it is a lot smarter than I thought at reading my transactions.

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Tales of Robot Hood | Stacey Dawson
January Post

Regaining my Mojo and renting designer clothes…

So, what have I been doing through January?  Other than spending the first half wondering what day of the week it was, then coming to the realisation that it was still 12 weeks until payday – or least it felt like it.  

During these phases, I have come across an array of things on Snoop. Firstly, it began with reviewing my mortgage which linked to Mojo. It was quick and painless, and they arranged to call me back. We now have a plan in place to aim for a 75% LTV (Loan to Value) ready for our next remortgage. During this journey, Snoop provided a link to show me that I could easily reduce my mortgage term by 18 years and save a whopping £33,000 in interest! That is mindboggling!  

From houses to clothing … so, there is such a thing as being able to rent clothes?! Who knew?! All those wonderful designer clothes that I dream of owning but cannot bring myself to spend the £££ on, I can now rent them! The article from Snoop was aimed at me making money from my wardrobe but instead has provided me with a way of experiencing all these wonderful clothes at a much more affordable rate and - it allows me to feel good about reusing rather than buying.

Finally, Snoop has highlighted spend at ‘the bakery’, situated at my workplace, as a regular payment for this week. I don’t know whether to be proud of this or to hang my head in shame…  

Anyway - in one month, I have a mortgage plan, I have a way of renting fancy new clothes for as and when we are allowed to socialise and I need to cut back on my bakery purchases. 

Have a fab Feb 😊

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Tales of Robot Hood | Stacey Dawson
February Post

It’s a lot of trust to put in an app…

Like many others, most of my evenings are spent scrolling through the endless shows on Netflix 👀, trying to find a decent programme to binge on. 

The only problem I found with Netflix is in my half-awake state it gives me exactly 0.01 seconds to stop the next episode playing and I end up in a heap of blankets with a mild concussion from trying to get to the remote. Snoop not only showed me how to stop the autoplay feature but also showed me how to stop the adverts for the shows, which if you have nosey children like my own will stop them from seeing things they should not 🙄 

Apparently, this month the fixed rate with my energy supplier was expiring….Snoop not only provided me with a handy reminder but offered me £25 to switch. #WinWin. The process was easy and they had a range of energy providers on there. Admittedly I was slightly dubious, it is a lot of trust to put in an app, so I checked the deals in the usual areas and ended up right back with Snoop, taking my exclusive deal and my £25 voucher. Not only that, but it is with a renewable energy company ♻️ 👍   

This month I have also started using Snoop differently, I have been pinning longer articles to read through later and I have been using the transactions list a lot more. I am still a pen and paper girl but I normally use separate apps for my banking and write down my transactions, whereas this month I spent time checking how accurate and up to date the list was, turns out very and saves me a tonne of time as it puts it all in one place.  

That is all for this month. I am off to read my pins...

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Tales of Robot Hood | Stacey Dawson
March Post

Pearls of wisdom, changing payments and pensions

This month Snoop upped my political game with a 60-second budget round up. 

Starting conversations such as “well basically it means …” like I had figured this all out myself, only later to disclose that Snoop had provided me with these pearls of wisdom 😅. 

In other news, Snoop calculates your overall spend with a company and informed me of the embarrassing amount of money I spend at Amazon!

I have to say it was like being slapped in the face by a wet fish. A daunting realisation and wake-up call 😵

Since this timely Snoop I can safely say that I have thought twice about what I need to spend on and what I want to spend on!

During the month I did manage to counteract some of my hideous spending and Snoop showed me I could get a £7 voucher for uploading photos.

I guess every ‘Snoop’ helps when you are attempting to bankrupt yourself via online shopping!

However, a proud moment here, you will be pleased to know that my bakery spending was highlighted as a changing payment ... it had gone down by £1.70!

Yes, yes, I know it’s obviously still showing as a regular spend but it’s the small wins that count 😊 #winning

Finally, I transferred my pension pots. I've changed employers a few times and wondered how it would work at retirement but never did anything about it.

Snoop had a read through section about pensions and a few great links to explore more info.

After reading through and comparing my pensions, I decided to take the plunge and have them all in one place.

This is an area that I would never have even considered looking into, but it’s massively important, and I'm really pleased Snoop made me act – no-one’s getting any younger after all! 👵

Over and out for March, see you in April

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Tales of Robot Hood | Stacey Dawson
April Post

Stacey had an ‘Appy April

This month my active savings were lower than normal, but I still managed to get another £5 Amazon voucher 😊

I think my expectations are pretty high for Snoop so £5 seems low to me but I do have a lot of ‘pinned’ items for the future, such as £100 cashback for switching my mortgage. (And to be fair none of my other apps gave me £5 this month!)

Meanwhile, I took part in my first Easter Egg hunt in years. Snoop ran their own hunt where you had to find the little robot holding an egg.

This was great fun, and I found a load of new features that I had not been aware of before. As such I edited some names and end dates on my contracts in the Payment Hub.

This ensures Snoop will provide me with a reminder closer to the time to get these in order.

I also came across a few money blogs, all about ways that I can save money, reclaim money, vouchers, and discounts - all pinned and primed ready to go!

This definitely makes my competitive money saving expedition against my friend so much easier #winning

More on the update front - Snoop is my go-to for getting jargon free updates on the government changes.

I find the way the updates are worded so much easier to digest and I can pin it and come back to it whenever I want.

Finally, I love how you can contact the app so easily and they respond and listen.

I have sent over a few suggestions about things that I think would work well or possibly need changing and they actually respond to you.

Over and out, See you next month 😊

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Tales of Robot Hood | Stacey Dawson
May Post

Snoop brings Stacey some sanity in the madness of May

May has been madness. Work has been so incredibly busy and short staffed that there are points where weeks go by, and I don’t even notice. 

This normally results in me losing complete control of where I am financially and spending my day off unravelling the carnage spending at the bakery.    

This month Snoop was my saviour. Whenever I had a bit of time, I would login and I see all my accounts, in one place, and that they were looking great.  

I also had a browse through some of my snoops and came across some corkers! 

Snoop found me an app called Cosmetify. This bad boy lets me browse through discounted makeup (eek) and set price alerts to make sure I get the best deal on my favourite products. 

Love it – It’s like the Snoop gods read my mind! 

With my makeup sorted I need somewhere to go right?

Enter Snoop once again - a Cineworld cinema pass courtesy of my already existing Clubcard points. 

Not only that – Snoop also highlighted an app that shows me where there is either no cost parking or spaces available.  

Therefore, I shall thoroughly enjoy my date night out, free parking, free movies and affordable makeup.

Next up has to be great deals on clothes and/or drinks… 

While I wait for the Snoop gods to answer the above I shall browse through my latest Snoop which has analysed my top spending and found ways of making my money go further, including my Just Eat treats!

Over and out, see you in June 😊

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Tales of Robot Hood | Stacey Dawson
June Post

Snoop helped me spot a sneaky price hike

Well that was June – another month that has sped past and I’ve barely been able to catch my breath.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been planning a hen (for the 4th time), overseeing building work at home and then my washing machine gave up the ghost.

Anyway – back to Snoop!

Snoop showed me a free app called ‘Heads Up’, which I've played before and loved, a few games in the garden with family during BBQs, perfect!

I also managed to bag some great free washing samples. Fortunately, I used them before my washing machine broke!

Finally, this one was a little worrying for me as I thought I watched my finances well but apparently not.

I had been watching the different payments going out of my account and thought that they all looked normal.

However, Snoop had highlighted a £20 increase in my Sky spend!

When I clicked on the notification it showed me that I had come out of contract, and it had jumped up in price.

On further investigation, it was due to go up by another £15!

Because my bill with Sky had become very similar to my Sky mobile bill, I would have missed this completely and would have been paying over the odds for however long it would have taken me to catch up.

So, thanks Snoop. After negotiating with Sky, I am now paying less than I was before.

See you next month.

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Tales of Robot Hood | Stacey Dawson
July Post

Kitty cover, staying cool and a sea of Lego

Another month seems to have sped by. I’m not sure if it's lockdown that has warped my perception of time, but I feel like I don’t really see much of the month anymore and crave the times of simplicity.  

Anyway, this month I needed to reinsure my crazy feline. Insurance is essential for my kitty, due to her being a little silly and getting herself in a pickle. 

It just so happens that Snoop has added pet insurance to their insurance comparison – bingo. Insurance compared and arranged within the day and saved £15 on last year’s price. Feline stupidity protection in place!  

Like the rest of the UK, I have been slowly melting and went through a stage of complete sleep deprivation due to being unable to adapt to breathing in purely hot air. 

Snoop had written up a little piece on how to keep cool, complete game-changer. I had ice in front of my fans, sheets hanging up…the works. 

I don’t know if it physically cooled things down but even if it was a placebo it worked.  

More freebies this month. The most epic is the app Brick It ( This thing is brilliant! You can scan any pile of Lego and it tells you what you could make from it. 

Word of warning though, I would spend just a smidge more time than I did telling my kids about this as within five minutes of it being downloaded there was an avalanche of Lego.

This resulted in what I can only describe as a sea of Lego covering my eldest’s room! 

Another interesting discovery was Picniq tickets. The idea is they sell discounted tickets for attractions. I haven’t used them yet but I’ll update you when I do. 

Finishing with more freebies, as we all love them - this month Snoop bagged me a free cleanser and dishwasher tablets. Every little helps!

See you next month!

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Tales of Robot Hood | Stacey Dawson
August Post

Increasing bills, a new puppy and a new challenge

Once again, another month that has sped past and another month where bills have increased.

Three of my Sky mobile contracts expired during the month and had started charging me more.

Quick as a flash I managed to get a deal on all my contracts saving myself £10 a month. Happy days!

In other news…we bought a puppy. I am in the mix of loving and debating my decision but most of all we adore her. She is now 12 weeks old and her name is Mila.

That meant I needed pet insurance…enter Snoop.

Snoop managed to find a company that I had not heard of before and not only was one of the cheapest but provides me with access to a vet 24/7!

I have found myself a bit lost with money over the past few months and spending quite frivolously - like purchasing a dog and everything they need. I mean, she definitely needed the 10th toy I bought.

But what grinds you back down to earth (in a good way) is how Snoop shows you that you are haemorrhaging money with hints and tips to keep you in check.

The “all accounts” bubble on my homepage also has a way of not so subtly hinting when I need to rein back on my spending.

In September I am challenging myself to lower my spending and I want to see a definite downward trend on my spend analysis charts!

So far, I am spending less than I did this time in August. Just need to keep that going. We shall see!

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