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Home and Family | 2 December 2020

How to recycle your old electricals (you could make £600+)

This looks like a super-useful site, so I wanted to share it... 👇

Recycle Your Electricals is a campaign designed to get people to keep their electrical items in use, by donating, recycling, reusing or selling them.

It's a site packed with resources to help save your electrical items from going to landfill...

🔎 What can you recycle?

Basically, anything with a plug, including...

✅ TV and display equipment
✅ Garden power tools
✅ Exercise equipment
✅ Smart devices and IT
✅ Lighting
✅ Small and large household appliances
✅ Personal grooming appliances
✅ DIY and power tools
✅ Toys and leisure equipment
✅ Audio and AV equipment

🔎 What can you sell items for?

For example, according to the site you can get...

  • £125 for a games console
  • £165 for a laptop
  • £110 for a mobile phone

It's all dependent on the age, model and condition, but you could have some hidden mini goldmines gathering dust in your home.

🔎 Where can you sell items?

Here are a few ideas from the site for places you could sell your items...

🔎 Where can you donate or recycle items?

You can enter your postcode on this page to find places where you can donate, recycle or repair your electrical items.

Here are some organisations that can take them off your hands and put them in someone else's...

🔎 How to delete your data

If you're recycling, selling or donating a smart device, here's a handy guide on how to delete your data before you pass your device on to someone else.

Recycle Your Electricals is a great resource if you're thinking of selling on or just passing on your old gadgets and equipment.

It's definitely worth checking out 👀

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