Snoop's guide to Open Banking

Open Banking is a new secure tech that lets you use your own banking data to your advantage. You can choose to share it with a service like Snoop so you can see your money in more helpful ways.

Snoop demonstrating accounts connecting
Accounts icon

All your accounts together

One of the big benefits of Open Banking is that you can share balance and transaction info from your different bank accounts (or credit cards) with a service like Snoop and you'll get to see it all in one place. View the bigger picture or get into the detail whenever you like.

Security icon

Super-secure technology

Open Banking uses the latest secure tech, and operates to the same high standards of security as your bank. And crucially, you're never asked to share your password or login details with anyone but your own bank. So Snoop never sees or asks for this stuff.

In control icon

You're the boss

None of this happens without your say-so. You choose which services to use and who gets access to your info. And you can change your mind at any time. Snoop can do all sorts of helpful things, but only with your permission. As it should be.

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Highly regulated

Apps and websites like Snoop that use Open Banking all need to be registered with the Financial Conduct Authority.  Which we are. There are strict rules about how we do things and especially how we look after your data.