How it works

Connect to Snoop for a smart new way to see and manage your money. Here's how to get the best out of the app...

Snoop holding a spending chart
Snoops bank connection screen

Connect a bank account or credit card

We support over 50 banks – all the big names and more. Find out why it’s safe and secure on our security page.

Snoops home screen  where you can see all your accounts together in one place

See all your money in one place

Once you’re connected, Snoop lets you see all your transactions in one app.

Screen showing a collection of in app money-saving tips (Snoops)

Check your personalised money-saving suggestions

Every day, Snoop creates a 100% personalised set of money-saving suggestions – just for you.

Snoops automatic spend analysis lets you track your spend versus the previous month

Track your spending vs last month

Do a quick check to see if you’re spending more or less than last month.

Snoop automatically categorises all of your spend so you can see where your money goes

Review your spending by category

Snoop automatically categorises your spending – see what’s changing and where your money’s going.

Snoop lets you set a budget for your overall spend and individual categories

Set an instant budget to control your spending

Create budgets for your monthly spend and any category spending you want to track (e.g. groceries).

Custom categories let you track spending on the categories that are important to you

Create custom categories so you can see things your way

Want to track the cost of a wedding, building project or just Friday night takeaways? No problem.

Users can set alerts for things like refunds or reaching spending limits

Set custom alerts and relax knowing Snoop’s on it

Daily balance updates, upcoming bills, weekly and monthly spending summaries. Get some or all. You choose.

Bills cards allow users to track regular payments, set contract end dates and check for new deals

Keep on top of your household bills

Snoop keeps a close eye on your bills, flagging price hikes and better deals – and warning if your bills may not be covered.

The Switch and Save screen which collects Snoops deals and discounts together in once place

The right offers at the right time

Snoop will spot when it’s time for you to switch, so you don’t miss out.

The smartest money-saving, money-managing app. And it doesn’t have to cost you a penny.