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Everyone at Snoop HQ is busy working to make Snoop smarter and slicker. You'll see us adding more and more features to help you. Here's what Snoop can already do for you and what's on the way.

What Snoop can do now

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One view for all
See the balance and transaction info for all your connected accounts in one place.
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Energy switching
Snoop can spot if you're overpaying and move you to a better deal – all within the app.
Roadmap - Energy Checker
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Track your spending
Snoop will automatically categorise your spending and make it easy for you to track it.
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Smarter subscriptions
See all your regular payments in one place. Snoop will flag if they go up or down and check you're not overpaying. And if you need a better deal, Snoop will help.
Roadmap - Subscriptions
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Weekly and monthly spending summaries
Get a review of your spending at the end of each week and month, so you can see where most of your money is going.
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Mobile monitor
Snoop keeps an eye on your mobile phone bill and checks for savings (SIM-only for now – handset deals soon).
Roadmap - Features | Mobile Monitor - Image (Launch)
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Annual insurance checker
Snoop will time a reminder well before your annual insurance payments are due, so you've got a chance to shop around and save – before you get to renewal.
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Voucher code spotter
Snoop will pass on voucher code offers at the places you already spend, to help you save even more.
Roadmap - Features | Vouchercode spotter - Image (Launch)
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Travel booking tracker
If Snoop spots any transactions that look like you're booking travel, you'll get a reminder to get your travel cover in place straightaway.
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Daily balance alerts
We're already testing daily balance alerts for all your connected accounts.
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Reward miles monitor
Snoop will work out which reward miles you're collecting and spot opportunities for you to earn them.
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Submit your own Snoops
Share money-saving ideas you've spotted yourself and help others take advantage of them.
Roadmap - Features | Submit your own Snoops - Image (Launch)
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Tailor your feed
Tell Snoop how many ideas you want in your feed and which ones you want more or less of, to keep your feed fresh and interesting to you.
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Track your bills
Every month, Snoop will tell you whether each of your regular bills has gone up or down.
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Nickname accounts
You can pick nicknames for any accounts you connect to Snoop, so they make more sense when you see them.
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Share the love
When you make a big money saving through the app, you can share the love by 'tipping' Snoop. How much is completely up to you.

What Snoop's working on

On the way
Payday predictor
Set your payday and Snoop will predict your future current account balance, based on your regular and one-off spending. So you can get ahead of any end-of-the-month money issues.
Roadmap - Reminder
On the way
Card checker
Get a daily check on your credit card to make sure it's set up in the smartest way. So you're not paying interest or fees you shouldn't be, for example.
On the way
Account updates
Get notifications about more things on your connected accounts (e.g. upcoming bills, incoming payments).
On the way
Savings saver
Snoop will check your savings rate each day, to make sure it's a decent deal compared to others out there.
Smarter Savings - Image (Launch)
On the way
Budget like a pro
Set budgets for your connected accounts and check how you're doing against them.
On the way
Mortgage minder
Snoop will check your monthly mortgage bill against the market to see how you stack up. And give you a nudge when you're near the end of your deal.
Roadmap - Mortage Minder
On the way
Media monitor
Get an automatic check on your TV and broadband bills. If you're losing out, Snoop will help you find a better deal.

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