Save £1,500 using Snoop’s skills…

Snoop’s got some major money-saving skills ready to be put to work on any accounts you connect. And we’re adding more all the time.

Our aim is for Snoop to save the average household at least £1,500 over a year.

Everyone spends and manages money in their own unique way. So how Snoop helps you make money-savings – and how big they’ll be – will differ from person to person.

But Snoop will use the skills below to make everyone better off…

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What Snoop can do now

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Spending Sorter
Snoop slices, dices and categorises all your spending, giving you an instant and in-depth understanding of what’s going where. We see this as the first step in helping you make some savings.
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Energy Checker
Snoop keeps a close eye on your energy bills – and warns you if they’re going up. Plus Snoop can help you switch supplier and save, all in the app. Some Snoopers tell us it’s saved them £600-700 a year. And it takes less than 5 mins.
Roadmap - Energy Checker
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Card Checker
Snoop keeps tabs on your connected credit cards each day – checking you’re not paying charges or fees you shouldn’t, or missing out on rewards.
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Mortgage Minder
Snoop will compare your monthly mortgage bill with cheaper deals in the market to see how much you’d save and then make it easy for you to switch and get the best deal available.
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Payment Hub
The place to keep on top of all your bills and payments. See a full list for the month – paid and upcoming. Link any of your payments to a product (e.g. energy, mobile) so Snoop can find a better deal. Plus, add contract or renewal dates, and make it Snoop’s job to remind you when it’s time to shop around.
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Spending Summaries
Snoop sends you daily balance alerts plus weekly and monthly summaries so you’re always on top of all your connected accounts.
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Mobile and Broadband Checker
Snoop automatically spots your mobile and broadband bills, and helps you check market prices each month to make sure you’re not paying over the odds. If you are, Snoop can help you switch to save.
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Look Ahead
Every Sunday, Snoop flags the regular bills you’re due to pay that week. With a quick check of the app, you can make sure you’ve got the cash to cover them and avoid unnecessary bank overdraft charges.
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Discount Code Finder
Snoop shares money-saving Voucher Codes for the places you already spend money at – so if there’s a saving to be had, you can grab it.
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Money-saving Scanner
Snoop trawls the internet every day, spotting money-saving ideas. From cool new apps to handy little product features. Even sales at shops you regularly use and the latest offers at your supermarket. You’ll find it all in your Snoop feed each day.
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Insurance Checker
Snoop keeps an eye on your motor, home, life (and soon pet and travel) insurance policies watching out for renewals –and alerting you at just the right time to try and make sure you get the best price.
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Skills Snoop's still learning

On the way
Payday Predictor
Snoop will project how much money you’ll have left in your account in the run-up to your next payday, so you can make any changes to avoid bank charges.
Roadmap - Reminder
On the way
Friend Spend Pools
Snoop will help you sort shared expenses with friends and family – so everyone pays their way for things like holidays or shared household bills.
On the way
Savings Saver
Snoop will keep a watchful eye on your savings accounts and the interest rate you’re earning, to make sure you’re not losing out on a decent return.
Smarter Savings - Image (Launch)
On the way
Spending Catch-up
Snoop will give you a summary of exactly where your money’s gone since the last time you logged in.
On the way
Transaction Tagging
Snoop will help you create completely personalised views of your own money, including transactions tags, so the app shows you exactly what you want it to.
One the way
New Subscription Spotter
Snoop watches for new subscription payments and checks you meant to sign up for them – so you can spot the end of that free trial you forgot to cancel.
On the way
Budget Pro
Snoop will help you build a budget so you can make sure you’re happy with how, when and where you’re spending your money.

Your loyal little robot will work 24/7 using these current and new skills to save you money. Snoop never sleeps.

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