Meet Snoop. Your very own Robot Hood.

British Banking Awards - Innovation of the year - Winner 2021

You can cut your bills right now…

Or download the app and get Snoop watching your back 24/7…

With Snoop fighting your corner you can…

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See all your bank accounts together

Connect your bank accounts and credit cards, and Snoop can show all your info in one place.

See the banks we connect with

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Keep a beady eye on your bills

Snoop is always watching who's taking your money, so you're never ripped off. Plus, we'll help you switch to save.

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Save where you spend

Snoop is always finding clever ways for you to save money at the places you already spend.

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See your own unique set of money-saving ideas

You'll get an individual feed of 'Snoops', 100% personalised for you.

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Use the power of Open Banking

Snoop uses super-secure tech to connect your accounts and never sees your bank login details.

Snoop's guide to Open Banking

Snoop keeps adding skills

Snoop's always learning new tricks to help you. Here are the latest features in the app...

Home - Features | Snoop keeps adding new skills | Daily balance alerts - Image (Launch)

Daily balance alerts
For all your connected accounts

Home - Features | Snoop keeps adding new skills | Energy switching feature - Image (Launch)

Energy switching
Snoop can spot if you're overpaying and move you to a better deal

Home - Features | Snoop keeps adding new skills | Annual insurance checker - Image (Launch)

Annual insurance checker
Snoop tells you the best time to renew

Home - Features | Snoop keeps adding new skills | Mobile Monitor - Image (Launch)

Mobile monitor
Snoop monitors your mobile bill to check for savings

Snoop's only getting started.
See Snoop's current and future skills

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Money-saving for everyone

You can use some of our most popular money-saving services through our website as well as our app. Desktop, laptop or smartphone, Snoop’s ready to help you save.

A little robot. Built with a big heart.

Snoop was created to make everyone better off. Bold, but true.

Saving you money, watching your back and helping you make smarter choices – that’s Snoop.

Here’s why we do what we do…

To help you feel better about money
For many, money can be tough. At best, it’s unexciting. At worst, it can be complicated and stressful. If we can help you get on top of your money, help you spend it wisely, and take some of the hassle away, we believe we can make everyone’s life that bit brighter.

To shine a light
We’re only too happy to throw the spotlight on those businesses giving good value. On the flip side, if we spot businesses charging you too much or letting you down, we’ll call them out to you. You don’t have time to look out for this stuff 24/7. But Snoop does.

To use tech for good
We’ll always balance profit with our bigger responsibilities as a business. And we’re not just looking for new ways to help with money. Our ambition is for our smart little robot to give you smart, simple ways to help each other, our communities and the planet too.

We wake up every day aiming to make Snoop a positive force in your life.

It’s just how we’re all wired ❤️

We know what you're thinking...

How safe is Snoop?

Snoop connects your accounts through Open Banking using the latest secure tech:

🔒 We have the same high standards of security as your bank.

🔒 We won't see or ask for your bank password or login details.

🔒 We're registered with the Financial Conduct Authority.

So you're in super-safe hands. Watch this if you want to find out more

How does Snoop make money?

Like all businesses we need to make money.

👉 If you move to a new product or service because of Snoop, they may pay us. We'll always tell you and it never influences Snoop's views. Snoop only ever suggests what's best for you.

👉 We help other businesses spot consumer trends by pooling and anonymising all the transaction data we hold. Rest assured, your personal data will NEVER be used in a way that means you, any other individual or their data can be identified.  

These things fund the team and the tech, so we can keep building and improving Snoop.

What the humans are saying

5 Star

Really love this app.
Everything is in one place which I get on my banking app but love the additional features of keeping up to date with all the contracts and the bonus of being able to check for better deals to improve your finances.

5 Star

Changes the way I look at bills...
The advice is great, it’s a tool to help you save money in different areas, the insight that it pulls from your regular payments is unbelievable.... If you want control of your finance, this app is perfect for you! Everything in one place that feels ultra secure.

5 Star

I’ve found Snoop really helpful.
I’ve connected my different current accounts and credit cards to it and now I can see all my money in one place. It makes things much easier to keep on top of. Plus I love the intelligent suggestions it gives me about how I can do better with my money.

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AI on the numbers

£200 million transactions

transactions analysed

12,000+ Snoops created

Snoops created and ready to share

£12.7 billion of spending analysed

of Snooper spending categorised

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