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👍 Got a savvy tip at a particular retailer?

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We'd love to hear any and all ideas. 
When you're using the app, if Snoop doesn't have a suggestion, you'll be asked for one. We'll make sure you get the credit. Promise.

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Our favourite shared Snoops

Check out these great money-saving ideas sent to us by you...

  • Transport
    Transport for London

    Using a Contactless Card on the Underground can be (considerably) cheaper than using Oyster over the course of a week

  • #Groceries
    Too Good To Go

    Too Good to Go allows you to pick up cut-price food from cafes and restaurants, so it doesn’t go to waste. Good for the planet and your pocket.

  • #Finances
    Warning! Don't use PayPal to pay on a credit card

    Using PayPal to make payments that you put on your credit card? You need to know the risks

    snoop-card-logo- Paypal
  • #Shopping
    Give to charity when you spend at Amazon

    Smile at Amazon and they'll give 0.5% of everything you spend to a charity you choose.

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