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Even if you haven't tried the Snoop app (yet!), we'd hate to think you were paying over the odds for your bills.

Everyone can use our website to check they're not overpaying for energy, broadband and their mobile phone. And if you find you are, Snoop will help you switch and save.

Plus, it only takes a few minutes. Just hit the links below...

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Cut your
energy bill

Unless you've switched recently, you're unlikely to be on the best deal available. Snoop will help you compare energy prices and if you find a better deal, Snoop can sort your switch in minutes.

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Cut your
broadband bill

We all rely on decent wi-fi but it shouldn't mean paying too much for it. Snoop has access to the best broadband tariffs in your local area so it’s easy to see what money saving offers are available for you.

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Cut your
mobile bill

It's a pain shopping around when your phone contract ends. Not for Snoop. Whether you want the latest handset or a simple SIM-only deal, let Snoop find you the best offers out there.

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