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Think of Snoop as Robot Hood – fighting your corner and always looking for smart ways to save you a king’s ransom.

Here, you can read our ‘Tales of Robot Hood’ – short stories from Snoopers who’ve used ‘the people’s money app’ to save some serious cash.

Plus, try your hand at our Robot Hood game, or watch our videos of Snoop as Robot Hood.

Snooper Stories

As told by our very own Snoopers who’ve used our loyal little robot to cut the cost of their bills and save on their spending.

Article Author Image - Stacey

Stacey Dawson
Is using Snoop to save
money and find greener
ways to spend

Read Stacey's story

Article Author Image - Sebastian

Sebastian Huschner
Works in financial services
and is a self-confessed
‘Power Snooper’!

Read Sebastian's story

Article Author Image - Jonathan

Jonathan Lally
Uses Snoop to monitor
spending and puts savings
he makes into his pension

Read Jonathan's story

Article Author Image - Helen

Helen Darby
Uses Snoop to help with
short and medium term
financial planning

Read Helen's story

Article Author Image - Cheryl

Cheryl Simpson
Looking to retire at 60
– with a helping hand
from Snoop!

Read Cheryl's story

Article Author Image - James

James Fish
Is using Snoop to rein in
spending after the rapid
expansion of his family

Read James' story

Article Author Image - Martin

Martin Robertson
Snoop's changed the way
he uses money and see's
the world of finance

Read Martin's story

Article Author Image - Steve

Steve Saunders
Snoop's helped boost his
credit, get a better tax
code and claim back £376

Read Steve's story

Article Author Image - Joe

Joe Gray
Uses Snoop to get further
out of debt and build
healthy financial habits

Read Joe's story

Tales of Robot Hood - The Game - Image

Play Robot Hood the game

Just for fun, we've created a Robot Hood game. You control our hero, helping Snoop jump and shoot, collecting loot through the levels.

Follow all of Snoop's adventures

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