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We've teamed up with companies at the very top of their game, to help our customers get even more out of using Snoop.

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Decision Tech
Market-leaders in energy, mobile and broadband comparison solutions. We're working with Decision Tech to help customers switch off the back of a super-smart suggestion from Snoop.

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The UK's highest-paying cashback site, helping over 10 million customers save money through cashback. We're working with Quidco to highlight opportunities for customers to save where they might be missing out.

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The UK's premier voucher code site, working with over 5,000 retailers and restaurants, online and in-store. We deliver offers from VoucherCodes to customers where we can see they already spend to help them save money. Last year VoucherCodes' shoppers saved £52 million, and we're working together to try and increase that.

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