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Tales of Robot Hood | Sebastian Huschner
Intro post

Sebastian Huschner works in financial services and is a self-confessed ‘Power Snooper’!

I’ve been using Snoop since March 2020 and consider myself a 'Power-Snooper' as it’s the first app I open in the morning! I love the personalised hints and tips around financial wellbeing, the way it allows me to live my life smarter, the simplicity of having all my in-and outgoings in one place thanks to Open Banking technology, and the hassle-free (without ever being pushy) service of saving money on regular bills (i.e. Insurance, Broadband, Mobile).

So far I have saved around £40 per month on household bills because of switching to cheaper tariffs/ bank accounts. In addition, Snoop helps me with one-off savings across a range of sectors, i.e. tax, groceries, electronics, or clothing.

To sum it all up - Snoop allows you to connect your bank accounts and credit cards so you can have them all in one place. It offers household bills management support where applicable. In addition, members can share ideas that may benefit the wider Snoop community. It's a great all-round service which helps members connect with the things in life that matter and raises awareness to allow living smarter at a lower cost.

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Article Author Image - Sebastian
Tales of Robot Hood | Sebastian Huschner
January Post

The Snoop Payment Hub will help me save £50 per month

One of my 2021 resolutions was to take a closer look at household bills.

My partner and I used to forget when to switch to the best possible tariff that reflects our circumstances when it comes to gas and energy usage, home insurance, mobile or broadband/ TV contracts.

Thanks to Snoop, we have now been able to streamline this process, using the invaluable and ultra-practical ´Payment Hub´.

The Payment Hub allows you to categorise spend/bills, and also track when certain contracts run out so you get an on-time reminder to look for an extension of your current deal, or a more cost-effective alternative.

By diarising expiring deals or policies throughout 2021, we are now able to stay on top of our regular payments, and expect to save approximately £50 per month throughout. (By the way, you can also track subscriptions such as Spotify, Netflix or Prime, so you never deal with unwanted regular payments anymore.)

On a more personal note, I find myself being stuck in Europe after I visited my parents over the festive period. Who would have thought we would be dealing with sudden border closures on the back of virus mutations on top of everything else Covid threw at us.

Well, luckily I was able to add a personal touch for my partner who stayed back home in the UK. Thanks to Snoop, I was able to send flowers at a reduced price (M&S Flower promotion) as well as a personalised post card (thanks to “Free Print Cards” you get 1 free card/month).

As you can see, as a self-confessed `Power Snooper´ I am able to take advantage of a range of services through Snoop that make my life not just simpler, but also more cost-effective.

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Tales of Robot Hood | Sebastian Huschner
February Post

If you want to save money, stick a pin on it

It's been a busy month, sorting out tax returns (and the like) but I have to say I’m feeling more energetic now that the sun is shining a bit more, with spring literally around the corner!

This month I took advantage of the super-duper Snoop Gas & Electricity switch offer. It came with a £25 Amazon gift voucher, but be quick as this won't last forever. I also learned that you could split your council tax payments over 12 months instead of 10… I guess every little helps in these challenging times. A handy tip from me, make sure you check your Snoop app regularly, and pin the most relevant items to your wall, so you can come back any time, and take action.

With Mother's Day around the corner it's time to show some love to mummy! As such I took advantage of a free mother's day greeting card, and boosted my Boots Advantage Card balance by 300 points (both promotions thanks to Vodafone VeryMe Rewards) to be able to buy her a little gift to go along with the card. Thanks to Snoop for the hint, me (and mummy) appreciate it. If you're after some flowers instead, I recommend “Bloom & Wild” or “Freddie’s Flowers” who both focus on sustainability, and have promo offers in place for new customers.

On a more personal note, I signed up for a free 3 month trial of Amazon Music (I love a good bargain) to accompany me with my complimentary LinkedIn learning courses that I signed up to. I enjoy learning new stuff, hence I decided to brush up my skills on Project Management and Digital Marketing.

Take care all, and stay tuned for more hints and tips next month!

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Tales of Robot Hood | Sebastian Huschner
March Post

Peace of mind - music, food and flights for less

Here's what I have been up to this month.

My partner and I wrote our respective Wills. Yes, I know what you think, not really a topic for 40-somethings, but its never too early to discuss such topics at home.

Did you know that you are entitled to a free basic will per person if you are a member of a union (i.e. Unison, Unite etc)? Thanks for the heads up Snoop, we’re all sorted now.

I also took advantage of the recently announced Sainsbury's + Nectar partnership. 

Even though my travel activity has been pretty much non-existent for the past 12 months, I’ll be flying again soon (I hope!), so I took advantage of the welcome offer to exchange 1,600 Nectar points for 1,500 Avios. Usually it's 1,600 Nectar points for 1,000 Avios so a good deal! 

On the grocery side of things, Snoop once again helped me save.

First, I signed up for BP Rewards, and got my first £20 click & collect M&S food shop for £10 instead.

Second, I tried out Iceland's free home delivery, and after entering a few promo codes, my shopping ended up being £11 cheaper, incl. a complimentary bottle of Prosecco.

Also, did you know you can get 25% off wine & fizzy drinks at Tesco's until Tuesday 6th April (when you buy 6 bottles or more). 

There’ll still be a week to go until the pubs open a week later on the 12th April, so a pretty good alternative!

Finally, my partner took advantage of an incredible Shazam offer. If you don’t know, Shazam identifies tunes by artist & song title and, if you download the app before 31st March, you’ll get 5 months of complimentary Apple Music - a subscription service usually costing £9.99/ month. That's a saving of nearly £50!

In summary, we took advantage of discounted food & drink for Easter, we have thumping tunes to go along with our socially distanced celebrations, we are ready to purchase flights with Avios once borders re-open and, even if things don't go to plan, we’ve put our last wishes into an official document for some peace of mind.

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Tales of Robot Hood | Sebastian Huschner
April Post

See how Snoop helped Sebastian this month

This month I did some in-depth research about combining my work pensions, as I had paid in to quite a few of those over the course of my professional life.

I ended up using Nutmeg, and I was very happy with the user experience, the simplicity of their digital & paperless proposition, as well as the speed of completing the process.

I have now combined all my previous work pensions into one single pot, and can change risk/ investment strategies with a few clicks, so I always know where I stand when it comes to the performance of my pension savings.

Thanks for making me aware Snoop!

I also saved a bit of money on groceries (again), thanks to some 1st time customer promo codes.

There was the new Deliveroo & Aldi collaboration (get £10 off your £20 shop) which I very much enjoyed, but also the great Morrison’s deal (get £15 off your £80 shop) – simply brilliant. I really do love a good bargain!

By the way, has anybody tried out the new kid in town ‘Dija’ already?

They deliver your groceries in 10 mins to selected London post codes - mine is not included yet, but I wondered whether my fellow Snoopers had experienced the service already?

After all the food and drink I ordered, time for some wellbeing. Snoop pointed me in the direction of ‘MyFitnessPal’.

It’s a fantastic offer - If you sign up before 1 July 2021, you get the first 3 months of Premium membership free of charge, a saving of £30. #activelifestyle.

To close off this month´s blog, I thought I let you know I voted for Snoop at the “British Bank Awards” – did you?

I’m a shareholder after all, and got involved with the crowdfunding back in 2020. Wishing the team best of luck.

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Tales of Robot Hood | Sebastian Huschner
May Post

Sebastian and Snoop – a match made in money saving heaven

The month of May brought some very wet weather, but also some gradual easing of lockdown restrictions.

Also, my mood brightened when I found out I was picked as a winner for participating in the #SnoopEasterEggHunt – what a lovely surprise to receive a luxury chocolate treat.

A personal highlight for me this month has been getting my first jab of the Covid Vaccine – thanks to the NHS!

Anyway, back to Snoop!

Thanks to a tip from Snoop I received a £66 refund from my previous energy supplier!

I also took advantage of a 50% saving (£40) on my annual Microsoft Office subscription, which I qualified for through my company.

Furthermore, I signed up for B&Q Club, and got a £5 voucher for my first purchase – a very practical tip with the DIY season just around the corner!

I then signed up for Treatwell to receive £10 off my recent haircut – Snoop really is the app that keeps on giving. (Or should that be saving!)

Moving swiftly on from saving to lending, did you ever consider looking into your credit score? I didn’t until ClearScore popped up in my Snoop feed.

Like Snoop, ClearScore connects with your main banking and credit card accounts using open banking technology.

It then identifies your credit card/ overdraft limit usage and any other outstanding debt to automatically calculate your personal credit score.

Even better, it gets updated on a monthly basis, so you're always in the know when it comes to your chances of being approved for, say, a credit card, personal loan or mortgage.

Last but not least, I am excited to go on a little holiday later this month, exploring the Jurassic Coast and surroundings.

Luckily, I got 5% cash back on my car rental thanks to the recently launched #CurveRewards, and took advantage of the amazing Premier Inn promotion with double rooms starting from £29/night – awesome deals that Snoop made me aware of.

And just in case the weather might get wet, I got ourselves 2x VUE Cinema tickets for £7 thanks to Vodafone VeryMe Rewards.

See you next month!

Snoop - Money-Managing-Ninja
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Tales of Robot Hood | Sebastian Huschner
June Post

It’s great to know Snoop is genuinely on my side!

Over the past month I tried out the Snoop Current Account switcher tool, and was very impressed to find out it wouldn’t actually make sense for me to switch to a new current account deal.

It's unusual to be told (by a friendly robot no less!) to not do something, simply because it doesn’t add up from a customer's perspective. It’s great to know Snoop is genuinely on my side!

Elsewhere, to take advantage of the amazing weather, I had a long weekend away in the North West. 

Snoop suggested the 'Petrol Prices' app which shows you the best petrol prices based on your location.

I downloaded the app and made great savings!

During my trip I visited Beeston Castle, and got 50% off at the entrance thanks to an M&S Sparks member promotion.

I also paid for my hotel with my Amex card and received £50 cashback on my final bill.

This was thanks to American Express personal offers’. It’s worth checking out for yourself, there's great discounts for everyone´s taste.

Back in London, I did my first order with grocery delivery company Getir.

I was very impressed by their delivery promise (it took only 8 minutes from the time I ordered until my items were delivered), but also by their generous £15 off promotion on your first purchase.

It’s certainly a service I'd recommend to any fellow Snoopers based in London.

Last month was also one to reconnect with friends after a long period of lockdown. Thanks to Snoop I was made aware of the awesome ‘The Lost Year’ promotion by Gaucho restaurants.

Thanks to my friend being over 70 years of age we got 70% off our food bill which made the incredible steak even tastier, and the bill less steep.

The promotion runs until the end of July, Mondays to Wednesdays only.

Last but not least, I was informed, that based on my login habits, I am in the Top 5% of Snoop users. 

I guess that makes me a money-saving, money-managing ninja! 

Until next month, over and out.

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Tales of Robot Hood | Sebastian Huschner
July Post

Sending postcards to Peru and getting money back from HMRC

Summer greetings to my fellow Snoopers, I hope you are all keeping well and safe.

This month I registered for TouchNote, thanks to Vodafone VeryMe Rewards.

The promotion enabled me to send four complimentary postcards to my friends and family in Germany, Spain, Peru and Australia!

Especially in times where traveling is complex or impossible to certain destinations, receiving postal greetings with personalised pictures makes a difference to your loved ones. Check it out for yourselves.

I still don't want to give up on a holiday abroad this year though, hence I found Snoop´s Travel Insurance ABC super helpful.

In other news Snoop made me aware of an Airtime Rewards promotion, whereby I received £3 off my recent £10 shop at Boots.

I also utilised a first time discount code over £10 for my first order at Lloyds Pharmacy and received £10 back on my recent £30 fill up at BP thanks to American Express offers.

Every little helps I guess, with great support from Snoop, the app that keeps on giving.

I’m pleased to say I’ve now completed my 2020/ 21 tax return. And thanks to a hint from Snoop I claimed tax relief on the days spent working remotely during the past tax year, and got £125 back from HMRC!

One more thing I recommend you to take a look at is the incredible Spotify offer. If you register a new account using TikTok, you get a 4 months complimentary Premium Membership.

Last but not least, massive congrats to the Snoop team for scooping a number of awards, such as “Best use of Open Banking”, “Best App – Consumer”, amongst others.

Well done and thanks for helping me be better off each month.

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Tales of Robot Hood | Sebastian Huschner
August Post

More control, more savings

This past month, I very much loved trying out Snoop´s latest app features, such as their smart spending analysis, custom categories, and their very clever in-depth transaction analysis. Try it out for yourselves, so you are even more in control of your finances.

By the way, did you know you can get your parcels collected for just £0.30 directly from your home, without having to visit the post office? But better be quick, that promotion ends on 26th September. Thanks for the heads up Snoop.

What did I save this month thanks to Snoop? 

Well, I grabbed a free iced cappuccino from Costa Coffee, thanks to Vodafone VeryMe Rewards, bought 5 Odeon cinema tickets for £25, courtesy of Groupon, grabbed a 60-day free tastecard to eat out for less, and had “unlimited pizzas” mid-week lunch at Pizza Hut for £8.99. On the wellbeing side of things, I got complimentary access to the Balance Meditation app, a fantastic saving of £68.

With the ongoing uncertainties around travel in mind, I treated my partner to a stay-cation in London. We went to a lovely hotel for the night, enjoyed going out for food with a view, and even got £100 cashback on our stay, thanks to American Express offers. Do check them out should you hold an Amex - there are treasures to suit everyone´s taste and budget.

On that note, I was pleased to hear the CMA raised a formal enquiry about Covid-19 PCR test providers, with prices currently ranging between £25 and £200, hence making it difficult to properly budget for these expenses when going abroad.

Also, did you know, roaming charges return next year? Depending on your provider, you may get charged up to £2/ day starting from Jan 2022. It can be as low as £1/ day if you pre-purchase your allowance in advance. I recommend you to check in with your provider as to what the rules are, and if/when roaming charges are indeed coming back. 

Thanks Snoop for yet another month of helping me be better off – I very much appreciate it.

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