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Snooper Stories | Sebastian Huschner
Intro post

Sebastian Huschner works in financial services and is a self-confessed ‘Power Snooper’!

I’ve been using Snoop since March 2020 and consider myself a 'Power-Snooper' as it’s the first app I open in the morning! I love the personalised hints and tips around financial wellbeing, the way it allows me to live my life smarter, the simplicity of having all my in-and outgoings in one place thanks to Open Banking technology, and the hassle-free (without ever being pushy) service of saving money on regular bills (i.e. Insurance, Broadband, Mobile).

So far I have saved around £40 per month on household bills because of switching to cheaper tariffs/ bank accounts. In addition, Snoop helps me with one-off savings across a range of sectors, i.e. tax, groceries, electronics, or clothing.

To sum it all up - Snoop allows you to connect your bank accounts and credit cards so you can have them all in one place. It offers household bills management support where applicable. In addition, members can share ideas that may benefit the wider Snoop community. It's a great all-round service which helps members connect with the things in life that matter and raises awareness to allow living smarter at a lower cost.

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Article Author Image - Sebastian
Snooper Stories | Sebastian Huschner
January Post

The Snoop Payment Hub will help me save £50 per month

One of my 2021 resolutions was to take a closer look at household bills.

My partner and I used to forget when to switch to the best possible tariff that reflects our circumstances when it comes to gas and energy usage, home insurance, mobile or broadband/ TV contracts.

Thanks to Snoop, we have now been able to streamline this process, using the invaluable and ultra-practical ´Payment Hub´.

The Payment Hub allows you to categorise spend/bills, and also track when certain contracts run out so you get an on-time reminder to look for an extension of your current deal, or a more cost-effective alternative.

By diarising expiring deals or policies throughout 2021, we are now able to stay on top of our regular payments, and expect to save approximately £50 per month throughout. (By the way, you can also track subscriptions such as Spotify, Netflix or Prime, so you never deal with unwanted regular payments anymore.)

On a more personal note, I find myself being stuck in Europe after I visited my parents over the festive period. Who would have thought we would be dealing with sudden border closures on the back of virus mutations on top of everything else Covid threw at us.

Well, luckily I was able to add a personal touch for my partner who stayed back home in the UK. Thanks to Snoop, I was able to send flowers at a reduced price (M&S Flower promotion) as well as a personalised post card (thanks to “Free Print Cards” you get 1 free card/month).

As you can see, as a self-confessed `Power Snooper´ I am able to take advantage of a range of services through Snoop that make my life not just simpler, but also more cost-effective.

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