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General | 3 February 2021

From Outlet savings to spelling mistkaes 😁, see my best eBay £££ savers…

eBay can be a great source of bargains but there are ways to save even more.

So I've gathered together all my favourite tips to help you save some dough. Let's get straight to it... 👇

Save on your favourite brands with eBay outlets 💰

You'd be surprised at how many big brands have an Outlet store* on eBay where you can find good deals and complete steals.

Here are just a few of the brands I spotted...

➡️ Check out all the outlets here*

You can pay on your credit card for added protection 💳

Okay, not necessarily a money-saver, but a good tip. If you're not a fan of using PayPal to buy stuff on eBay, it's handy to know you can save your credit card details on eBay now.

Under Section 75, if there's a problem with something you've bought on your credit card, you can claim money back from your card provider.

This applies to products or services you've bought that cost £100-£30,000 (£30,000!) 👍

Just check the seller accepts credit card payments in their listing.

➡️ Find out about paying with your card on eBay*

A quick way to check how much to bid 👀

It's easy to see what other eBay users paid for similar items – you can just see how past auctions ended up!

✅ Enter your item in the search bar
✅ Change the advanced search settings to 'sold listings'
✅ Sort by price
✅ You'll get a list of auctions and the winning bids

Perfect for working out how much to bid. You'll also be able to sort by 'lowest price' to see the cheekiest bid you might get away with, or just go for a rough average of what you see. Then see what happens!

Use this spelling mistake finder to bag bargains 🔎

You'd be surprised at how many items are listed on eBay with spelling mistakes and typos. Thousands 🤦‍♂‍

Often they go undiscovered and don't have any bids, making them perfect for swooping on. All you need to do is find them 👀

That's where sites like Fat Fingers, Goofbid and Bargain Checker come in.

They have specialised eBay search tools which can hunt down listings with spelling mistakes and typos. Just type in the search word and see what comes up. You could find a gem 💎

I tried it on 'Batman Comics' and found a bunch of listings that used 'Barman' or 'Batmam' 😋

Give it a whirl and see if you can bag a bargain! 💪

Bid an uneven amount 💰

Most bidders will put their maximum bid as a nice round number, like £5.00.

So if the max you want to pay is £5.00, it's worth bidding a random number over £5.37.

This will increase your chances of beating your rival bidders to the item 🥊

It's also a good tactic when you're raising your bid. If someone bids £6, you don't have to go to £7. Try something random like £6.41. Save yourself the pennies.

Give it a try! 💪

Here's some more info from eBay on bidding*

Want to save on eBay postage? Try eBay Local 📍

It's always tough when you spot something you'd love to buy on eBay and then take a look at the postage! 😨

eBay Local lets you buy from and sell to people in your local community

It's a great way to save on postage when you spot things you like. Or a way to grab bargains that are completely impractical to post. You can just pick up your purchase in person (although that's a little trickier than normal at present).

Explore eBay Local here*

When you find something you like, you should see 'Free collection in person' under 'Postage'.

Now you can bag yourself a bargain and save on postage too! 💪

Use this clever tool to find unsold auctions on eBay 🔎

Lastminute Auction is a cool little tool that finds unsold eBay auctions 🔎

Make sure the setting is on UK and you'll see a list of links to items for £1 or less that have an hour or less to go ⏱

Just keep an eye on the S&H (Shipping & Handling) column as some people play the system by bumping this up to recoup costs 😣

It's a great site to have a play with. You may bag yourself a bargain! 🤞

Don't forget to get cashback on your eBay purchases 🛒

You can get up to 1% back on your eBay purchases with both Quidco and TopCashback.

If you use eBay and you've got one of these cashback accounts, it feels like a no-brainer to make the most of the cashback on offer 😎

Pick up those Nectar points with your eBay purchases 🛒

If you're a Nectar collector, you should make sure you add your Nectar card to your eBay account.

They'll give you up to 1 point per £1 you spend. You can turn that into 0.5% cashback if you spend your points in Sainsbury's 🤘

How to hook up your Nectar card*

And as I said above, you can also get up to 1% back on your eBay purchases with Quidco and TopCashback too.

Altogether, that's a pretty cool chunk of cashback 😎

I hope these tips help you save some serious money 🤑

*When you click this link we get paid a small fee which helps us to keep developing Snoop. It doesn’t affect the price you pay in any way.

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