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Home and Family | 1 December 2020

How to get 54 days off this year with just 24 days holiday

This is an annual holiday booking hack that goes around each year, so I thought I'd pass it on... 👇

If you're quick out of the blocks booking your holiday for 2021, you can get the timings right around Bank Holidays and weekends, and end up having a whopping 54 days away from work, using just 24 days of leave! 🌞

Here's what to book up...

  • 6-9 April (with Easter Bank Hols, that's 10 days off)
  • 4-7 May (with early May Bank Hol, that's 9 days off)
  • 1-4 June (with late May Bank Hol, that's 9 days off)
  • 31 Aug-3 Sep (with Aug Bank Hol, that's 9 days off)
  • 20-24 Dec and 29-31 Dec (with Christmas Bank Hols, that's 17 days off)

I'm sure you'll want to be fair to your boss and other colleagues 😉, but if you can take hols when you want, those are the dates to target!! 💪

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