Snoop pumping fuel

Kill Bill(s), cheaper fuel and freebies

This month has been all about the bills!

Bills in general have increased significantly, especially my fuel cost.

Initially I was not too concerned about this rising but I’ve seen a big increase in my costs and find that I am watching when I can opt for alternative ways of getting places.

Snoop showed me an app called Petrol Prices which searches your local petrol stations for the cheapest fuel. Just like that I feel like I'm beating the system in my own little way, and actually surprised at how much petrol stations vary!

Another saving this month was a cheeky £10 voucher for Not on The High Street. If you spent over a certain amount, they gave you a £10 voucher.

I bought a birthday present through them, then used the voucher on a Mother's day present later in the month, happy days. 

Snoop tracked that I had started spending more at M&S and highlighted that they have a rewards card where I can get freebies. Not only did I save money on offers, I actually had my basket completely free one day!

I'm now gearing up for April with the list of "kids eat free" offers and hoping Snoop may run their easter egg challenge again!

Until next month, over and out!