Snoop with a basket of easter eggs

Kids for free, DIY for less and free chocolate

April brought half term madness. Snoop helped me to plan out some places and things to do where kids ate free! It was a great way of exploring new areas and places to eat with friends. 

I also used the half-term to start decorating our bedroom. We have done both of the kids several times over the years, but never quite got around to ours.

We had been given a voucher at Christmas and I combined this with a £5 off voucher for B&Q, so it total I had my entire £85 purchase for £20. 

Easter obviously equals chocolate, along with other equally important things. So what else would Snoop do than locate free chocolate – brilliant!

Finally, we are fast approaching the hotter weather when I will be endlessly watering my astro turf and refilling paddling pools.

To help counteract the hike I will be inevitably experiencing with my water bill, I’ve seized the opportunity Snoop presented to me to get some water saving freebies!

Until next month!