Snoop with a gavel looking at the Utility Warehouse logo

The jury’s out on bundling my bills

This month I decided to switch to a company called Utility Warehouse. They claim to clump all of your bills together and then promise to make them cheaper for the first 12 months. So far it has been a little stressful - my phone porting has taken over a week and I’ve had to call several times to sort out problems. How they perform overall we shall see, but I’m hoping it’s worth my time and effort in the long run. I will let you know!

At the start of the year Snoop went through all of the money that I had spent and this was very sobering! Being aware of how much you spend is a really good, eye-opening experience and, although it won’t happen overnight, I continue to adjust my spending habits.

Snoop taught me two things I was unaware of this month. The first thing was the intended purpose of changing the Bank of England base rate. I never really appreciated that it’s used as a tool to help combat inflation and it was good to get a deeper understanding.

The second thing I learnt was about what the increase to National insurance will mean for me. I already feel as an NHS worker that I don’t get paid a grand amount for the responsibility of my job and the increase to contributions come April will take another big chunk out of my income.

Finally, I enjoyed reading Snoop’s tips on how to get a pay rise. Although it’s not something that I can really apply in the NHS it was another enlightening read and definitely worth taking a look if you’re in the right type of job!

See you next month.