Snoop playing a ball game

Snoop shows me activities and adventures I didn’t even know existed (for less!)

I love using Snoop to arrange days out and activities that I can do at much less cost.

This half term I had kids eat free at the Beefeater, along with a day out at a local activity park for free.

Half term holidays can be expensive and I feel there’s definitely a pressure on parents nowadays to keep up.

Snoop allows me to keep up but in an affordable way. Not only that, Snoop shows me activities and adventures that I didn't even know existed!

We’ve all been hit by increasing energy price, but I was actually quite stunned by how much it was going to increase by.

Snoop told me what they anticipated my price rise to be based on my current spending and it was very accurate!

I was able to use this info to start working out my new budget. It didn't ease the shock but helped with budget planning.

Snoop kept me up to date with the drama of Amazon and Visa. In short, Visa wanted to charge Amazon a lot for using their services.

Amazon decided rather than roll over to put their feet down and stop using Visa. Visa then caved and reduced costs.

Well done, Amazon. Maybe we can take a leaf out of their books and put our foot down over the energy increase!?

Finally, having escaped it for the past two years I caught COVID! During my isolation Snoop showed me that you can use a few different apps to check crime in different areas.

Pretty useful if you’re looking to move, or if you are just incredibly nosey like me! 🙂