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Changes to the Snoop Terms and Privacy Policy
– 30 November 2021

We’ve made some changes to our Terms and Privacy Policy to allow for our new Web App service, and to give more info about the way we operate, which we think our users will find useful.

You can find the new Terms here.
You can find the new Privacy Policy here.

Key changes we’ve made to the Terms:

  1. We’ve updated the Terms to cover our new Web App as well as our existing Mobile App.

  2. We’ve added some information about how subscriptions will work ready for when we launch Snoop Plus - a new subscription service from Snoop that will run alongside our existing free service (which will stay free).

  3. We’ve explained that Snoop is now available to over 18s only and what to do if you are under 18 or know someone using the service who is under 18.

See the previous version of our terms in operation between 30 January 2020 and 30 November 2021.

Key changes we’ve made to the Privacy Policy:

  1. We’ve updated the Privacy Policy to cover our new Web App as well as our existing Mobile App.

  2. We’ve improved the definition of ‘Personal data’ to make the Policy as clear as it can be.

  3. Where we reuse your personal data as part of you using the app, we’ve made it clear we’ll only do this if we’re using the data for the same purpose as when you gave it to us originally, or one that’s compatible with that.

  4. We’ve made it clear that when we share your data with a partner with your permission, they become the Data Controller.

  5. We’ve given more info on the services we use that might store your personal info outside the UK, so you’re aware of this. We’ve also explained how we ensure your data is protected when we do.

  6. We’ve said we may share your personal info with companies that we use to monitor security and help keep you safe.

  7. We’ve explained that any third parties we share your personal data with are subject to privacy and security obligations in line with this privacy policy and applicable laws. We’ve also reminded you that we may use anonymised, aggregated reporting and statistics about users of our Apps and website. We’ll share these with third parties for industry analysis (and we might be paid for this), and we’ll use them for our marketing and promotion purposes. None of these anonymised, aggregated reports or statistics will ever allow our users to be personally identified.

  8. We’ve updated our Cookie policy to reflect the latest advertising channels we use, including Snapchat and TikTok.

See the previous version of our Privacy Policy in operation between 30 January 2020 and 30 November 2021.

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