Snoop holding a Spending Goals logo

Snoop is a big plus and helping me make the most of my money

I had a lovely August - a week in the Lake District, meals out and other treats. Yet I can’t ignore the rising cost of living and my spending feels in sharp focus as I prepare for higher energy bills and the impact of inflation on my bank balance.

Snoop Plus was on offer for 99p a month for a year - a 75% discount, not many of those around at the moment! I quickly signed up and encouraged my friends to do the same- tracking from payday to payday and spending reports shows me the percentage of my income I’m spending on each of my categories.

I also know Snoop rewards recommendations - £5 Amazon voucher for me, £5 for my friends when they download and use the app.

In these testing times, spending analysis and incentives make navigating the cost of living increase easier to plan for.

I like a challenge and a competition - August gave me the chance to combine both.

Snoop is helping users to achieve their spending goals by helping set a challenge of spending less than the previous month (you can check the spending analysis to compare instantly) and the chance to win your bills paid up to £2000. Thankfully, I’m below my previous spend - not by much but it’s a good start!

When I feel like I don’t have all the answers for costs increasing, it's good to know I have Snoop nudging me towards ways to make the most of my money and feel in control of it.

This month Snoop showed me how I could save money at Amazon - I’m eligible to save £5 when I spend £15. A good prompt, as otherwise would have shopped there without checking if I could make a saving.