Snoop choosing red, amber or green

A clear picture of my finances and a healthy reminder

There’s no denying the cost-of-living increases and, thanks to Snoop, I have a clear picture of my overall finances and can see where the increases are growing the fastest and where I can save money!

My home insurance is due for renewal and what did I get for a year of no claims? Spoiler alert - not a discount! 

Instead, my current provider put up my premium by £30. Snoop knows my insurance renewal date and reminded me it was a good time to get a quote.

Even better, by arranging my insurance I’m eligible for a free £20 Amazon voucher - something I’m looking forward to spending.

I’m naturally curious about how my spending compares to other Snoopers and it’s always useful to benchmark my spending habits against other users.

Snoop showed me how my spending ranked at retailers compared with other Snoopers and I was delighted to have most of my spending in green or amber categories!

What helped me more was seeing where I was in the top 5% - 10% of spenders. Am I going to stop shopping there? Unlikely.

Can I make the most of my Sparks and Advantage Card offers and check Snoop for discount codes? You already know the answer to that! 😉

Finally, I saw a Snoop about changes to National Insurance in July, with a link to the calculator which helped me work out how much I’ll pay after the changes are put in place. It looks like I’ll benefit from these changes.

Once again, Snoop helps me know and understand my financial situation: what’s coming in, going out and where it’s going. Thanks for doing the hard work for me!