Snoop worry about the cost of boiling the kettle

Helen is one in a million

All the headlines I’ve read recently point to the energy price cap rising in both October and January, which is causing concern.

This month I’ve seen a Snoop which explained how the £400 energy grant will work…

There will be six separate payments (approximately £66 each) which will be automatically deducted as we pay for our energy bills by direct debit.

I like to know what’s ahead, and this will help me prepare for the dreaded price rises!

‘You’re one in a million’ - thanks very much, I’d happily agree!😉 I instantly clicked on this Snoop.

After exceeding one million downloads of the app, there’s a prize draw (which I’m automatically entered into) with the chance to win £1000. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

It’s great to see so many people using the app and Snoop helping users in such a difficult financial climate!

I love teaching but honestly,  I love a discount from expensive tech products even more(!) and as a teacher I am eligible for 10% off Apple products.

All you need to do is show a payslip or workplace I.D. card and you can get the discount in-store. I definitely won’t be missing out on this for the new term!

See you next month!