Snoop enjoying donuts

Regaining my Mojo and renting designer clothes…

So, what have I been doing through January?  Other than spending the first half wondering what day of the week it was, then coming to the realisation that it was still 12 weeks until payday – or least it felt like it.  

During these phases, I have come across an array of things on Snoop. Firstly, it began with reviewing my mortgage which linked to Mojo. It was quick and painless, and they arranged to call me back. We now have a plan in place to aim for a 75% LTV (Loan to Value) ready for our next remortgage. During this journey, Snoop provided a link to show me that I could easily reduce my mortgage term by 18 years and save a whopping £33,000 in interest! That is mindboggling!  

From houses to clothing … so, there is such a thing as being able to rent clothes?! Who knew?! All those wonderful designer clothes that I dream of owning but cannot bring myself to spend the £££ on, I can now rent them! The article from Snoop was aimed at me making money from my wardrobe but instead has provided me with a way of experiencing all these wonderful clothes at a much more affordable rate and - it allows me to feel good about reusing rather than buying.

Finally, Snoop has highlighted spend at ‘the bakery’, situated at my workplace, as a regular payment for this week. I don’t know whether to be proud of this or to hang my head in shame…  

Anyway - in one month, I have a mortgage plan, I have a way of renting fancy new clothes for as and when we are allowed to socialise and I need to cut back on my bakery purchases. 

Have a fab Feb 😊