Snoop checking a Christmas list

I’ve already saved over £300 on Christmas Gifts

It’s almost Christmas – a time of year when I come into my element. 

As well as the obvious ways to make savings like sales and discount codes, I’ve used Snoop to find creative ways to save even more money, and saved over £300 on Christmas gifts! 

Firstly, I saved in the Timberland sale. I’d been watching a couple of items on another website which I was planning to buy, then Snoop showed the sale direct from the retailer and I saved 40% on both items.  

If you’ve read any of my previous blog posts you’ll know I spend a fair bit at Amazon. Snoop showed me that I could buy a £50 wallet top up and get an additional £6 loaded to put towards another gift.  

The list goes on and on, from sales to discount codes.  

Snoop is continually improving the user experience and lets me know about items that I need to be aware of similar to a Facebook notification feed. It’s clear and easy to go back to when you want to review.  

In other news, I’m coming up to renewing my mortgage and Snoop users can get free advice from Dynamo which normally costs £549. 

Snoop has grown with me. I used to check it every day, but if I’m honest I don’t so much anymore. 

If I have spare time, I will browse through the Snoop feed, but I know I can leave it and rely on it enough that it will notify me if I need to pay attention to something.  

It really is like having my own financial advisor in my pocket, keeping tabs on everything. 

That’s it from me this month- time to start making New Year resolutions and hope to fit in all the same clothes by the end of the month!