Snoop peering over a giant eater egg

Stacey had an ‘Appy April

This month my active savings were lower than normal, but I still managed to get another £5 Amazon voucher 😊

I think my expectations are pretty high for Snoop so £5 seems low to me but I do have a lot of ‘pinned’ items for the future, such as £100 cashback for switching my mortgage. (And to be fair none of my other apps gave me £5 this month!)

Meanwhile, I took part in my first Easter Egg hunt in years. Snoop ran their own hunt where you had to find the little robot holding an egg.

This was great fun, and I found a load of new features that I had not been aware of before. As such I edited some names and end dates on my contracts in the Payment Hub.

This ensures Snoop will provide me with a reminder closer to the time to get these in order.

I also came across a few money blogs, all about ways that I can save money, reclaim money, vouchers, and discounts - all pinned and primed ready to go!

This definitely makes my competitive money saving expedition against my friend so much easier #winning

More on the update front - Snoop is my go-to for getting jargon free updates on the government changes.

I find the way the updates are worded so much easier to digest and I can pin it and come back to it whenever I want.

Finally, I love how you can contact the app so easily and they respond and listen.

I have sent over a few suggestions about things that I think would work well or possibly need changing and they actually respond to you.

Over and out, See you next month 😊