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New plan for Christmas and tips to avoid 'greenwashing'

How expensive is December! Luckily, I budgeted for this throughout the year. 

December use to wipe me out - I always needed to buy these extravagant gifts for everyone as this made Christmas. 

As my children became older and their presents more expensive the quantity did not ease, my expense bill just increased.  

Then COVID hit and we couldn’t go anywhere or see anyone. My children had gifts, but the time was different. I realised they craved experiences and family. 

From that point on I realised that although they do love a pile of gifts, this was not what they really wanted. They wanted special train rides, ice skating, sleepovers, wrapped up on cold family walks.  

Next year I am debating starting a secret Santa, one with friends and one with family. But make the budget more of a substantial amount.  

I normally spend an average of around £30 per person and I have 9 people to buy for - a whopping £270! 

If we did a secret Santa and the budget was £100, then it would be a more substantial gift for one person and more money to spend on activities or save. Unfortunately, that’s next year!

This year I battled through with the help from Snoop, who secured me a lot of money-saving, from highlighting sales to providing codes.  

I’ve also signed up for a Mor card, which is free for Snoop users for the first 3 months. In all honesty the featured products are quite luxurious - with a price tag to match (even when discounted) but worth a mention. 

Snoop has added the ability to check the green codes for companies. 

The planet’s health is so very important and companies are quick to shout about what they deem as “green” qualities. Snoop explains what to look out for and helps you check credentials.  

Don’t get me wrong, if you’d like to join in and help the planet you don’t need to check every company before you purchase something, you can normally tell from the outset. 

However, if you’re torn between two companies, this may help you select the most eco-friendly!