Snoop wearing a Santa hat standing in front of a pumpkin

Halloween and Christmas sorted with Snoop

I know I say this every month but how are we in October already. I am honestly flabbergasted that it I’m prepping for Christmas. 

Through September I started exploring the total spend on categories and do you know what I found?! 

That I spend an atrocious amount of food! 

I have trawled through my transactions as I was convinced it must be wrong. But embarrassingly it is accurate and ashamedly I do actually spend way too much than I’m comfortable with. 

During October I will be using Snoop to find ways of reducing my food spend. It’s not good, for my waist and my bank balance!

While we are on food it seems my bakery spend has started to creep back in, I was kindly reminded that it is returned back to a regular spend 🙈. 

Although, counterproductively Snoop showed me that Prime members can get free delivery with Deliveroo 👀. 

Sooo… I will have to take advantage but maybe on something cheap or healthy 🙈. Or maybe I can use this and only buy treat food once a week. Let’s give that a try! 

Halloween is almost upon us and we’ve decided to have a party. I will be using Snoop to search for deals and discounts to avoid a scare at the end of the month! 

My next thing to tackle is the mass expense of Christmas. I start early and make a list of everything I am going to buy. 

I then write down the current prices and only purchase when I can find a discount or a deal. I save £££s each year and I hope Snoop can give me even bigger savings this year. 

Until next month, over and out.