Snoop's dog

Increasing bills, a new puppy and a new challenge

Once again, another month that has sped past and another month where bills have increased.

Three of my Sky mobile contracts expired during the month and had started charging me more.

Quick as a flash I managed to get a deal on all my contracts saving myself £10 a month. Happy days!

In other news…we bought a puppy. I am in the mix of loving and debating my decision but most of all we adore her. She is now 12 weeks old and her name is Mila.

That meant I needed pet insurance…enter Snoop.

Snoop managed to find a company that I had not heard of before and not only was one of the cheapest but provides me with access to a vet 24/7!

I have found myself a bit lost with money over the past few months and spending quite frivolously - like purchasing a dog and everything they need. I mean, she definitely needed the 10th toy I bought.

But what grinds you back down to earth (in a good way) is how Snoop shows you that you are haemorrhaging money with hints and tips to keep you in check.

The “all accounts” bubble on my homepage also has a way of not so subtly hinting when I need to rein back on my spending.

In September I am challenging myself to lower my spending and I want to see a definite downward trend on my spend analysis charts!

So far, I am spending less than I did this time in August. Just need to keep that going. We shall see!