Snoop stroking a pet cat

Kitty cover, staying cool and a sea of Lego

Another month seems to have sped by. I’m not sure if it's lockdown that has warped my perception of time, but I feel like I don’t really see much of the month anymore and crave the times of simplicity.  

Anyway, this month I needed to reinsure my crazy feline. Insurance is essential for my kitty, due to her being a little silly and getting herself in a pickle. 

It just so happens that Snoop has added pet insurance to their insurance comparison – bingo. Insurance compared and arranged within the day and saved £15 on last year’s price. Feline stupidity protection in place!  

Like the rest of the UK, I have been slowly melting and went through a stage of complete sleep deprivation due to being unable to adapt to breathing in purely hot air. 

Snoop had written up a little piece on how to keep cool, complete game-changer. I had ice in front of my fans, sheets hanging up…the works. 

I don’t know if it physically cooled things down but even if it was a placebo it worked.  

More freebies this month. The most epic is the app Brick It ( This thing is brilliant! You can scan any pile of Lego and it tells you what you could make from it. 

Word of warning though, I would spend just a smidge more time than I did telling my kids about this as within five minutes of it being downloaded there was an avalanche of Lego.

This resulted in what I can only describe as a sea of Lego covering my eldest’s room! 

Another interesting discovery was Picniq tickets. The idea is they sell discounted tickets for attractions. I haven’t used them yet but I’ll update you when I do. 

Finishing with more freebies, as we all love them - this month Snoop bagged me a free cleanser and dishwasher tablets. Every little helps!

See you next month!