Snoop punching the air in celebration

Stacey is a paediatric nurse using Snoop to save money and find greener ways to spend

I’ve been using Snoop since around April 2020. I came across the App while researching financial apps with a friend. My friend and I are hugely competitive and we like all things finance, the type of people that enjoy a good spreadsheet session. Anyway, upon researching I discovered Snoop. Excited at the prospect that I may save more money than my friend, I eagerly downloaded it with the aim to use the app for a few months then boastfully share the app and wait for the round of applause.

As it turned out, my use of the app was different from what I anticipated - in a good way! I found that I started logging into the app each day as part of my daily check-in on my finances. I don't tend to look at my transactions but like to browse through all the daily Snoops. I found it had a great variety of money saving opportunities and knowledge boosts across a whole range of things. I found myself looking for local flights, to sourcing local products or just telling me about things that I may not be aware of - like I had no idea I could watch my Amazon Prime through my Sky Q! 

As a family we are very much ‘eco-warriors’ and try where we can to source local produce, reduce waste and help the planet. Also, we like to give back to those less fortunate. I’ve found it is like Snoop shares the same views, or it is a lot smarter than I thought at reading my transactions.