Snoop holding a giant bucket of popcorn

Snoop brings Stacey some sanity in the madness of May

May has been madness. Work has been so incredibly busy and short staffed that there are points where weeks go by, and I don’t even notice. 

This normally results in me losing complete control of where I am financially and spending my day off unravelling the carnage spending at the bakery.    

This month Snoop was my saviour. Whenever I had a bit of time, I would login and I see all my accounts, in one place, and that they were looking great.  

I also had a browse through some of my snoops and came across some corkers! 

Snoop found me an app called Cosmetify. This bad boy lets me browse through discounted makeup (eek) and set price alerts to make sure I get the best deal on my favourite products. 

Love it – It’s like the Snoop gods read my mind! 

With my makeup sorted I need somewhere to go right?

Enter Snoop once again - a Cineworld cinema pass courtesy of my already existing Clubcard points. 

Not only that – Snoop also highlighted an app that shows me where there is either no cost parking or spaces available.  

Therefore, I shall thoroughly enjoy my date night out, free parking, free movies and affordable makeup.

Next up has to be great deals on clothes and/or drinks… 

While I wait for the Snoop gods to answer the above I shall browse through my latest Snoop which has analysed my top spending and found ways of making my money go further, including my Just Eat treats!

Over and out, see you in June 😊