Snoop holding up a tray with a lightbulb on it

It’s a lot of trust to put in an app…

Like many others, most of my evenings are spent scrolling through the endless shows on Netflix 👀, trying to find a decent programme to binge on. 

The only problem I found with Netflix is in my half-awake state it gives me exactly 0.01 seconds to stop the next episode playing and I end up in a heap of blankets with a mild concussion from trying to get to the remote. Snoop not only showed me how to stop the autoplay feature but also showed me how to stop the adverts for the shows, which if you have nosey children like my own will stop them from seeing things they should not 🙄 

Apparently, this month the fixed rate with my energy supplier was expiring….Snoop not only provided me with a handy reminder but offered me £25 to switch. #WinWin. The process was easy and they had a range of energy providers on there. Admittedly I was slightly dubious, it is a lot of trust to put in an app, so I checked the deals in the usual areas and ended up right back with Snoop, taking my exclusive deal and my £25 voucher. Not only that, but it is with a renewable energy company ♻️ 👍   

This month I have also started using Snoop differently, I have been pinning longer articles to read through later and I have been using the transactions list a lot more. I am still a pen and paper girl but I normally use separate apps for my banking and write down my transactions, whereas this month I spent time checking how accurate and up to date the list was, turns out very and saves me a tonne of time as it puts it all in one place.  

That is all for this month. I am off to read my pins...